Why marketing is important for hoteliers

The world has changed when it comes to marketing.  From what I’ve seen, very few hoteliers have realised how much it has changed and still live in the dark ages when it comes to promoting their hotels.  Steve Jobs’ dream came true. He changed the world when it came to technology and how we as human beings interact with it.

Let me be honest here and say when it comes to technology and internet marketing, it’s time to ‘ride the waves’ – and not fight them – as they are certainly not going away.  If you do not become a master of this new and extremely important skill within your hotel business, then I’m afraid you will sink. It’s that simple.

I was asked to write this column a few days before Christmas, so I had some time out to think about what I could say to you in a few hundred words that would make you stop and think about your own marketing; something that may make a difference to you if you choose to take action; something that would make a positive difference to how you think and what you do next.

Well here it is.

If you are a hotel owner, CEO, managing director or hotel manager, there is one thing and one thing only that is going to make a huge impact on your business and that is more customers. So, in order to attract these customers, you need to understand how they think and where they are. I don’t know your business. However, I can tell you where your customers are, and that’s the internet. They’re on Facebook, Twitter, on Google and a dozen or so other places where you can get to them easily with the right approach, skills and attitude.

So, whatever your position within your business, the single most important thing you should be mastering is marketing.  I’ll say it again: without understanding modern day marketing, you quite simply have a limited shelf life.

By Stephen Hargreaves, owner of the Cranleigh Boutique hotel

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