How to Use Nametag to Get More Instagram Followers for Your Hotel

Instagram recently released a new nametag feature, which allows users to find your account using a graphic that you customize. While the feature offers a fun way to share your profile with your friends, it can actually be quite useful for business owners. In this article, we’ll share how to find your nametag, how to customize it, and how to use it to grow your following on Instagram.

Screenshot of Instagram Nametag Setting on Android PhoneHow to Find Your Instagram Nametag

Your Instagram nametag already exists for your hotel if you have an existing Instagram profile. (You should have a business profile for your hotel.) You can find your new Instagram nametag by logging in to your business account and navigating to your profile. Next, look for the three lines in the top right corner and tap them. The sidebar will appear and the new Nametag editor will be the first option.

How to Customize Your Instagram Nametag

Once you’ve found the Nametag feature in your Instagram business profile, you can customize it. There are lots of fun options like Emoji and Selfie, but for a business profile, we recommend the Color option.

The Color option offers a gradient that is reminiscent of Instagram’s logo and will offer a clean look and feel for your nametag. You can tap the gradient outside your username area to toggle through the available color schemes. We recommend selecting a color that coordinates well with your brand colors. Once you’re happy with the color selection, tap the arrow icon in the top right corner to save or share your nametag.

GIF of Instagram Nametag for Travel Media Group toggling through gradient color schemesHow to Get More Followers Using Your Instagram Nametag

The benefit of sharing an Instagram nametag is that users can scan the nametag design to quickly find your profile on Instagram. This is an interesting tool to help you attract more followers. While you probably won’t find it useful to text message or email your nametag to people in your address book, there are other strategies that will pay off for your business.

First, you should share your Instagram nametag online. By posting your nametag on your other social media networks like Facebook and Twitter, you can cross-promote your profiles to hopefully get more followers. It’s also a great graphic to save as a pin on your Pinterest boards. You may also want to consider posting your nametag on your hotel website or blog.

Next, you should share your Instagram nametag at the property. This is where you’ll probably get the most traction from sharing your nametag. By placing the nametag design at different touch points throughout your property, you’ll encourage travelers to follow you and to tag you when they post photos from their stay at your hotel. Some of the most valuable promotion spots at your hotel include a flyer in the elevator and an image of your nametag on a table tent in the breakfast area.

While the Instagram nametag may not be the clearest traffic driver for your profile, it offers a fun new option to publicize your Instagram profile for free.


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New GM to lead Jurys Inn Cardiff

Jurys Inn has appointed Chris Swithenbank as GM of its Cardiff hotel, and will assume his new position in January 2019.

Swithenbank will be taking over from Michael Skehan, who has been GM in Cardiff since 2016, and originally joined the hotel brand in 2015 as deputy GM at Jurys Inn Milton Keynes. In February 2017 was appointed as deputy GM at the 362-room Jurys Inn Hinckley Island Hotel.

He said he aims to position the property as the “go-to hotel in Cardiff for business and leisure guests”, building upon the hotel’s success and work to exceed commercial targets.

Jason Carruthers, managing director of Jurys Inn and Leonardo Hotels UK and Ireland said: “We are so pleased to promote Chris Swithenbank to GM of Jurys Inn Cardiff. Throughout his tenure, Chris has demonstrated his leadership qualities and proven himself as a valuable team member, successfully driving key customer and operational wins, we wish him every success in his new role.”

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New Google Hotel Design

It’s been three years since Google launched their last big update to how hotels show on search results. After a few months of beta testing, Google has now launched their new hotel search interface. Let’s break down all the new features and what it means for your hotel.

Google Launches New Hotel Search Design

First, when a traveler searches for hotels, they’ll be able to see an abridged listing with Google’s top three picks for the city and the rates for dates that they think you’ll be looking for.

Screenshot of the Google search engines results page for "scottsdale hotels"

By clicking either the map or the View hotels link at the bottom, you can access the full hotel search interface. After being prompted to select your dates, you can toggle other criteria along the top of the screen. Travelers can set a max price, user star rating, hotel class, and other options. These selections include: Deals, Free Wi-Fi, Free Breakfast, Pet-Friendly, and more.

A search that started with hundreds of results instantly gets narrowed down to less than twenty results.

Screenshot of google hotel result for scottsdale hotels
Screenshot of google hotel result for scottsdale hotels with search filters

If the traveler knows they want to stay in the heart of Scottsdale near the Fashion Square Mall and Old Town attractions, their search is simple. Let’s zoom in on the results:

Screenshot of google hotel result for scottsdale hotels
Scottsdale, AZ search results

In a manner of seconds, we honed in on an excellently rated 3-star hotel. By clicking on it, we can see more details about the hotel, read reviews, and make a reservation directly from the search results.

Screenshot of Google hotel details
Screenshot of Google Search Results Reservation

How to Optimize Your Hotel Listing for Google Hotels

For people on-the-go, this hotel search is a lifesaver. In just minutes, a traveler can select the hotel that best meets their needs. It makes it easier than ever to progress from searching to buying. However, the search also quickly dismissed a number of viable hotels from consideration without the searcher even viewing them. How can you compete in this style of search?

Maintain Your Listings

Regularly update your amenities, photos, and descriptions in Google My Business so that you’ll be found by searchers who use filters to narrow down their search. Update your photos on your website so that Google is pulling in the most accurate photos of your property.

Manage Online Reputation

If a guest is paying for a hotel, why would they accept anything less than an exceptional stay? A savvy searcher will select a 4.5 user rating first and see what is available. If the hotels don’t meet other criteria, they may lower this rating in .5 increments. However, they’re looking for the best star rating for the price. If you want your hotel to get found in these search results, you must be proactively asking happy guests for positive reviews and mitigate negative experiences. You can impact your review score by making improvements at the property and by implementing a post-stay email campaign.

Know Your Competition

Even if you’re achieving more positive reviews than negative, you may find that your ranking is falling behind the competition. With the availability of these granular filters, you need to know exactly what needs to be done to get ahead of the competition. That’s why we provide our customers with advanced insights on their 5 closest competitors to set smart goals and raise in the rankings. Watch what your competitors are doing, then make a plan so you don’t fall further behind in the review rankings.

Build a Digital Strategy

Today’s travelers search across devices and take in a number of data sources before making their decision. You can no longer rely on only managing TripAdvisor and ignoring the rest. The Google results page pulls in reviews from Google, TripAdvisor, and OTAs like Priceline and Expedia. You need to manage the content on every website that your hotel appears on to maximize bookings.

It can be easy with these advanced filters to get left behind the competition. Start making improvements to your online reputation now to get more revenue from Google hotel searches. Learn about our reputation management program and start getting more positive reviews.


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White Paper Download: What Makes a Good Review Response Writer?

Banner of woman holding laptop with text: what makes a good review response writer?

Review responses are an important factor in shaping how travelers perceive your hotel. A review response gives a voice to the hotelier and shows how you’ll handle issues and feedback.

While a hotel owner or GM may be excellent at running a hotel, that doesn’t necessarily mean they have experience in writing and editing. That’s where professional response writers come in.

Response writers create thoughtful responses to your hotel reviews. You can read guest feedback to improve the hotel while the writer provides a smart response. Because the writer will be representing your hotel online, you need to know you can trust them.

What makes a good review response writer? In this free white paper, we share the four traits to look for in a response writer. Then, we’ll explain how we vet writers with our application, writing tests, and ongoing quality checks.


Banner of woman holding laptop with text: what makes a good review response writer?Read the White Paper:


What Makes a Good Review Response Writer?

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Dixie Ultra® Insulair™ Hot Cup

GP PRO’S DIXIE® FOODSERVICE has launched the Dixie Ultra® Insulair™ Hot Cup, a heat-activated disposable beverage cup that uses an internal air pocket rather than an external sleeve to help keep beverages hot and hands cool.

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Website Author

Website Author

Website Author

A recent survey from hotel solutions provider HRS has found that the demand for innovative technology in hotels is on the rise


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